4D Development

If you've been looking for a 4D Developer, your search is over!

Footprints, Inc. offers unparalleled expertise in 4D development. We've been partners with 4D, Inc. and have worked with every version of the 4D platform since version 1. We also plan to be around for quite a while, so you don't have to worry—Footprints will be there to support you.

With 4D, we are frequently able to provide multi-platform solutions in a more cost-effective manner compared to our competitors. Furthermore, we can readily incorporate web-based solutions and mobile solutions into the mix for a complete solution meeting all of your needs.

Are you running on an older system and want the latest OS? Looking to stay current? Let Footprints help you Upgrade to 4D v20 Today!

4D Services & Expertise

As Developers & Consultants of Custom Information Systems and experts with 4D, Footprints offers a wide range of services that will help you with new projects as well as existing 4D-based systems. If you depend on 4D, you'll love partnering with Footprints!

Software design/development: Do you have a new system you wish to create? New module you wish to add to your current system? Footprints offers the best in custom information system software design, consulting and programming. We can help you from idea through implementation and beyond.

System Scaling: Is your 4D-based system suffering growing pains? Performance not quite what you'd like? Footprints can examine the current architecture of your system and help you with evolving your system to meet the increasing demands.

Make Mobile Access Reality: Tired of being chained to your desktop? Footprints can help you leverage the data in your 4D system, regardless of device. Want an app for a specific task? Whether it's native iOS, Android or mobile web app, we can help.

Modernize: Need to update the User Experience (UX) of your 4D application? Is how you work today different than the way your 4D system was set up to work? Footprints can help you streamline system processes to better align with today's reality. We know the latest tricks for revamping your front end, so the system is a joy to use again.

Systems Integration: Want to leverage your 4D data in other company systems, and/or visa versa? Footprints has helped clients integrate with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and NoSQL systems. Many of Footprints' projects use a combination of technologies. Retain your investment in 4D while achieving more efficiency in your business.

Needs Assessment: Want an independent perspective on what may best benefit your organization? Footprints consultants are skilled in bridging the gaps between IT and business. A comprehensive needs analysis can help clarify your vision with cost-effective strategies for achieving clearly defined goals.

Upgrades: Need to upgrade your older 4D system to run on today's operating systems? Moving up to the latest version of macOS or Windows? Footprints has upgraded many systems and can overcome the hurdles. No matter what version of 4D you are starting with, we can get you to 4D v19, and help you prepare for the next versions after that!

Enhancements: Have some improvements you would like to make to your 4D system? Footprints can implement your enhancements, and in a way that makes the most sense.

Support/Maintenance/Repair: Your original 4D developer no longer available? Have a 4D system you still depend on, but are having some problems with it? Footprints has been around a long time, and will continue to be around a long time. We can assist as needed, whether on site or remotely.


Footprints, Inc. is the longest standing 4D custom developer in the country. As such, we...

  • ...are 4D Partners.
  • ...have a long relationship with 4D, Inc.
  • ...are certified beta testers for all 4D products.
  • ...are the most experienced 4D development firm in the US.
  • ...have a large staff of highly qualified developers, project managers and programmers -- of all ages!

However, it is Footprints' customers who speak best about our qualifications for helping you with your needs. Our customers...

  • ...range from Small Business to Fortune 100.
  • ...are located throughout the US and internationally.
  • ...repeatedly turn to Footprints as partners in their business information management needs.
  • ...have been active clients for more than 10 years on average.
  • ...count on Footprints to continually evolve their systems, keeping up with business and technological change.
  • ...can tell you firsthand how Footprints can help you succeed. References available upon request.

4D Plugins

Oh, and we also created the FootRunner Gold™ dynamic scripting plugin for 4D v15 and older versions of 4D.

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