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4D Summit 2023 in Atlanta

Footprints, Inc. is looking forward to this year's 4D Summit in Atlanta. We are excited about the new capabilities of 4D version v20 and look forward to seeing you there!

4D Summit 2020 in Chicago

Footprints, Inc. is proud to be a sponsor of this year's 4D Summit in Chicago. We are excited about the new capabilities of 4D version 18 and look forward to seeing you there!

Report Fulfillment Service

Complex and time-consuming custom paper reports built from multiple data sources can now be fulfilled electronically by a centralized Report Fulfillment Service.

Warehouse Mangement System

Inventory management with web-enabled handheld scanners integrates with Arkay's primary production management system.

How to Replace FootRunner Gold with Native 4D Code

For years, Footprints, Inc. has made the FootRunner Gold plugin available to the 4D development community for free as a means for providing scripting in built 4D applications. With the advent of 4D v16, there is now a native technique within 4D for dynamic scripting. As a result, FootRunner Gold will not be updated to support…

Welcome to our redesigned website!

Footprints, Inc. today is revealing our newly redesigned website, <a href="www.footprints-inc.com">www.footprints-inc.com</a>, which is now fully responsive and mobile-friendly. In our redesign', we highlight services we have been performing for our clients for quite some time. We are still developers and consultants of custom information systems. We do mobile development - stand-alone apps as well as apps&hellip;