FootRunner Gold™ v15

The Dynamic 4D Scripting Plugin for 4D v15.

FootRunner Gold™ v15 is a dynamic 4D scripting plugin for your 4D or 4D Server database application. FootRunner Gold™ v15 is available for 4D v15, 4D v14 and 4D v13, and is fully 64-bit compatible on macOS and Windows.

FootRunner Gold™ v15 is a FREE DOWNLOAD.

With FootRunner Gold™, the possible uses are limitless. You can:

  • quickly customize the behavior of your 4D application without a complete new build
  • activate dynamic code execution to facilitate remote diagnosis
  • patch methods to change their behavior
  • implement customer-specific coding in a generic application code base
  • adapt interfaces with user-customized forms and form handling
  • web scripting with 4D code
  • apply automatic code updates
and so much more!

VIEW DOCUMENTATION for FootRunner Gold™ v15. Documentation includes a command reference, information on upgrading from older versions, and information on compatibility and limitations.

FootRunner Gold™ End of Life Announcement

Starting in 4D v16, the functionality provided by FootRunner Gold™ can now be accomplished natively within 4D itself. As a result, Footprints will no longer update or support FootRunner Gold™.

For information on how to replace FootRunner Gold v15 with native 4D v16 code, refer to our blog post How to Replace FootRunner Gold v15 with Native 4D v16 Code.

Previous Versions
Here are some links to older versions of FootRunner Gold™.

FootRunner Gold™ v14 is compatible with 4D v12, 4D v13 and 4D v14. Click here to download.

For 4D v11 SQL, Footprints recommends the use of the older FootRunner Gold™ v12 plugin. Click here to download.

For 4D 2004 or earlier, Footprints recommends the use of the much older FootRunner™ v5 plugin. Click here to download.