Even your data lives in a bigger world

Do you already have the data you need, but need to figure out better ways of using that data? Are you stuck with having to record the same information in two, three or even four different places?

Footprints helps you leverage the data you already have in other systems. The usefulness of your data gets enhanced. Mobility is activated. Workflows are streamlined. Redundant data entry becomes a thing of the past!

Bottom line? Your people can focus on the bigger picture of your business and not have to worry so much just about keeping data manually synchronized across all those different databases and systems.

Examples of some integrations we've helped our clients with:

  • Reducing data entry for a school district relying on multiple software services
  • Filling in functional gaps by leveraging a purchased system's APIs
  • Ensure one division's actions are appropriately triggered by data in another department's system
  • Update a corporate data warehouse so others can accomplish their part in delivering product to their customers
  • Define APIs so others can better see what's going on in a critical system
  • Share your information with state government systems to ensure you are in compliance with regulations and requirements.

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