Compatibility Information

Version: 15.0.1

FootRunner Gold™ has been tested and is compatible with the following operating systems and versions of 4D:

Product Windows Server
2008 R21
Windows Server
2012 R2
Windows 7 64-bit2 Windows 8.1 64-bit2 Windows 10
4D v13
4D v13 32-bit Server
4D v13 64-bit Server
4D v14
4D v14 32-bit Server
4D v14 64-bit Server
4D v15
4D v15 32-bit Server
4D v15 64-bit Server
1Windows Server 2008 R2 may require a DEP exception to run with early versions of 4D v14 Server 32-bit/64-bit.
2 FRGold is assumed to work on the corresponding 32-bit operating systems because it works with 32-bit 4D in the 64-bit operating systems.
Product 10.8
Mountain Lion
4D v13
4D v13 32-bit Server
4D v14
4D v14 32-bit Server
4D v15
4D v15 32-bit Server
4D v15 64-bit Server

4D v12 will require FootRunner Gold Version 14.0.1. 4D v11 will require FootRunner Gold Version 12. Versions of 4D prior to v11, such as 4D 2004, will require FootRunner Version 5 on Mac OS X or Windows platforms.

FootRunner Gold is fully Unicode compatible, and will work with Unicode mode ON or OFF.

If you previously used a public beta of FootRunner version 11, Footprints highly recommends upgrading to FootRunner Gold.

If you are converting a 4D database with FootRunner 5 from 4D 2004 or earlier to 4D v11/v12, there are a number of steps to be aware of. Please refer to the Upgrading from Version 5 page for details.


FootRunner Gold does not support 4D's Begin SQL and End SQL commands and the SQL code that may exist between them.
Plugin Commands:
You may call FRRunText or FRRunTextRaw from a FootRunner Gold script, using the new RecursiveCall parameters. However, calling a command from any other plugin will crash 4D; if the plugin command is wrapped in a 4D method, and that method is called from your script, 4D will not crash.
  • FootRunner Gold scripts may not use $pointers or $arrays.
  • The 4D function SET QUERY DESTINATION(Into variable;$LocalVariable) should not be used in FootRunner Gold scripts because future references to $LocalVariable will choke. Use process variables instead or avoid using SET QUERY DESTINATION().
Other Limitations:
  • The 4D function Count parameters cannot be used in FootRunner Gold scripts to determine how many parameters were passed to the script.
  • Line Continuation with the \-character is not supported in FootRunner scripts.
  • 4D Objects (e.g. OB SET) have not been tested and may not be fully supported.
  • Script/Checksum Compatibility

    FootRunner scripts created with previous FootRunner version 11 public betas are compatible with FootRunner Gold.

    FootRunner scripts created with FootRunner 5 are not compatible with FootRunner Gold. FootRunner Gold uses a different checksum than FootRunner version 5, required due to 4D's Unicode architecture. Commands that require security checksums in FootRunner Gold (FRRunText, FRAppendChecksum and FRRemoveChecksum) will not work with FootRunner scripts containing checksums created by FootRunner 5. Refer to the Upgrading from Version 5 page for additional details.

    FootRunner HTML tags do not use checksums, so FootRunner script code embedded in HTML from FootRunner 5 is compatible with FootRunner Gold.

    Obsolete Commands

    FootRunner Gold reduces the command set to its bare essence. Previous versions of the FootRunner plugin had additional commands that are obsolete. Some of these commands can be accomplished with 4D Code+FootRunner. Refer to the list of Obsolete Commands for details.

    Tokenization eliminated

    The ability to pre-tokenize scripts is no longer available in FootRunner Gold. Scripts tokenized in FootRunner 5 or earlier for use in 4D 2004 or earlier cannot be untokenized and upgraded with FootRunner Gold; you must de-tokenize the scripts first using 4D 2004 (or earlier) and FootRunner 5 before converting your database application to newer versions of 4D.