Upgrading from FootRunner Version 5
to FootRunner Gold™ Version 11 or newer

How do I upgrade from FootRunner v5 to FootRunner Gold?

The upgrade process is essentially as follows:

  1. Before upgrading your database to 4D v11 or newer, use FRRemoveChecksum in FootRunner v5 / 4D 2004 (or earlier) to remove the old checksums from your scripts, and leave just the code of your scripts behind.
  2. Convert your database to 4D v11 or newer.
  3. Use FRAppendChecksum in FootRunner Gold / 4D v11 or newer to restore checksums to your scripts.
  4. Update the syntax of your scripts for 4D v11 or newer as needed.

What if I already upgraded my database to 4D v11 or newer?

FootRunner scripts stored in your 4D database without checksums will be OK. However, FootRunner scripts stored with checksums may not be readable. The Unicode implementation in 4D v11 or newer will often misinterpret the end-of-text marker.

This is an issue regardless of whether you convert your database with the Unicode preference turned ON or OFF.