FootRunner Gold™

Version 15.0.1

An Inline Code Interpreter for 4D™

by Footprints, Inc.


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Software License Agreement

Footprints, Inc. grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use this copy of the program and accompanying materials according to the following terms:


  1. FootRunner is licensed for use by a single software developer at a time;
  2. You may install and use the FootRunner plug-in in an unlimited number of custom databases developed by you as an employee or as “work for hire” without additional product licenses or royalties except those specifically provided in this license. Contact Footprints for licensing arrangements in commercial or vertical market applications;
  3. You must include the following copyright notice prominently displayed in minimum 12 point font in the About screen and/or the application “splash screen” of any software in which the FootRunner plug-in is installed: “FootRunner utilities copyright Footprints, Inc.”;
  4. You may not distribute copies of the FootRunner plug-in or FootRunner editor application other than as specifically permitted by this license;
  5. You may not modify, translate, reverse engineer or decompile FootRunner;
  6. You may not charge any fee for the use, copying or distribution of the product;
  7. You may not install FootRunner in any commercial software for resale or in a vertical market software product without the express written consent of Footprints, Inc.

This license is not a sale. Title and copyrights to the software,
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FootRunner is a trademark of Footprints, Inc.

Limited Warranty

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