Version: 15.0.1

FRRemoveChecksum (MethodTextVar) → ErrorCode

Parameter Type   Description
MethodTextVar Text A text variable from which the Security code will be removed
ErrorCode Longint

Returns a code which is used to determine if an error occurred

  • 0 = no error
  • 2 = Invalid FootRunner Text (doesn't include security code)
  • -108 = out of memory


FRRemoveChecksum removes the FootRunner security code from secure text in order to avoid appending redundant security codes. The security encoding process does not attempt to ascertain the existence of a prior code before applying a code. The developer should take care to ensure a block of method text has not been security-encoded with FRAppendChecksum more than once.


//OK button script for a dialog with a text field containing 4D method text
C_LONGINT ($xlError)
C_TEXT (ttMethodText)
$xlError:=FRRemoveChecksum(ttMethodText) //Strip off the security code
If ($xlError#0)
ALERT("Try again!")
End if